2013 Middle East Inline Hockey Tournament



What is the Middle East Inline Hockey Development Committee?


Middle East Inline Hockey Development Committee was established in 2011 with the goal of more growth and development of inline hockey among the countries of zone by international federation (FIRS) under the supervision of international inline hockey committee headed by Mr. Gilbert Portier and upon the innovation of head of Asia & Oceania inline development, Mr. Gordon Young, head of the international federation referees committee.

In its first action, the committee has decided to establish the first international inline hockey tournament in Middle East to develop this field of sport, It is only going to invite some teams throughout the world for the competitions, but also is going to establish coaching and referring classes as well as technical clinics for the coaches and players.

The first round of competitions and training sessions will be established in Sept. 2011 in Iran. These competitions will be held each two years in different countries of Middle East considering that the countries in that zone are going to host the next games.

The fixed members of committee include the followings:

Gordon Young : President of Asia & Oceania Inline Hockey Development Committee

Kaveh Sedghi : Head of Middle East Inline Hockey Development Committee

Ramin Atighehchi : member of international federation referees committee


Time Remaining to Event 2013

18.09.2013 - 08:00 o'clock



Latest News

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2011 Middle East Iniline Hockey International Tournament


Schedule and refs last round
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